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Adding checkbox column to tablebox


I’m looking for a way to add a checkbox column to a tablebox. The idea is to export any row
that is selected  using the checkbox.

I’ve succeeded in creating an input field in the table, based on which the export can be generated, however this is not very user-friendly solution.
Hence looking for an alternative. Any suggestions are welcome.

Many thanks!


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Re: Adding checkbox column to tablebox


Check qvw file from Mark here : http://community.qlik.com/thread/31962



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Re: Adding checkbox column to tablebox

Thanks Angad for your suggestion, however this is not exactly what I'm looking for. What I'm trying to do is use a checkbox per row inside a table box. This checkbox should replace the input field that I have created, to indicate selection of the row. In the desired format, each row will have a checkbox that can be used to select the row to include for an export.

Rgds, Sanne.

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