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Again trouble with objects just linking themselves


I'm once again facing an issue with objects I want to copy: In particular, a container_box seems to be particularly tricky:

- I remove both objects from the box (as a colleague told me)

- I copy the box first to the new sheet

- Then I copy both of the objects and copy each of them, not yet into the box, but on the sheet.

- Last, I add the two original objects to the original box again and the copies to the new box.

For some reason, though, when I copy a diagram (that should be in the box) that did not have any linked objects (nor should it), at the moment I paste that o bject on the new sheet, the properties_dialog suddently says "2 linked objects".

The trouble is, there is no way of telling which objects are supposed to be linked to that.

Is there some way to find that out or to avoid that problem?

I guess I will just have to create a brand-new diagram for that box.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


P.S.: Oh my - I have now created a new diagram and checked the properties several times - no linked objects.

=> Then I added it to my box - "2 linked objects" ;-)

I'll just ignore it for now. This is apparently a bug, but I don't know any place to report those.

P.P.S.: OK - I deleted the two objects ( I had created it first on an empty sheet, copied it to the right sheet and then placed it in a box, so there were three) and that hint is gone - so QlikView just mistakes copied objects for linked objects.

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Re: Again trouble with objects just linking themselves

This linking is a (useful) feature (by dropping to a box automatically) with the aim to avoid redundant objects. This means you could one single objects use on several places/sheets - all properties unless size/position/... are the same.

You could these link create per shift + ctrl + drag or per menu as insert as link. Also you could delete these links - you will ask if you want delete this link or the object or per menu-point linked objects.

You could search linked objects in document properties / sheets and click on Object ID (is by linked objects always the same).

- Marcus


Re: Again trouble with objects just linking themselves


The problem is that the Document Properties|Sheets only shows objects directly contained by the sheets. If an object is only hosted in a container, then it does not appear in Sheets. You have to open each container in turn (which you can do from the Sheets tab) and check the object IDs.



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Re: Again trouble with objects just linking themselves

Hi Marcus,

the last part of your post is very interesting - I have been searching for some way of finding out which objects are linked - but it doesn't seem to work, or I'm doing something wrong:

- I open the document_properties

- I look at the tab "sheets" where the lower box displays the objects

<=> Every object_ID seems to be there only once.

Can you please explain that?

Thanks a lot!

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