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Aggregation Question

Hi I have a straight table that works out the variance from a forecast for a given point in the week.

The formula is (wkly forecast - actual sales) / expected to date

This works fine in the chart across its dimensions, but I want to offer users a listbox where they can select % differences. The formula I've built thus far has two problems.

The values are not distinct


when i select say 10% it wil bring back all 10% differences for customers but also their other variance differences. Ideally I just want to see 10% differences.

Many thanks

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Re: Aggregation Question

could you send small sample file?

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Re: Aggregation Question


I want to offer users a listbox where they can select % differences

In this case you should have some dimension (or goup of dimensions) in your data model so that you could perform such selection.

For example, the cusomer dimension is not sufficient, because the same customer can have different variances for different dates (I guess that's why you see other variances).

When you able to perform such selection manually, you could just use something like this as a listbox expression:

=aggr([your expression], ...dimensions to perform such selection separated by comma...)

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