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Aggregation in straight table

Hello ,

Please find the attached qvw and try to help me to get this .

Firm No               Firm Name                Api                          Weighted%bad        

11                        royal                        ask_broker code            41.09%

How can i sum up the weighted% bad for the selection made and show only one result like above.

Thanks ,

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Re: Aggregation in straight table

can anyone help me on this

Re: Aggregation in straight table


Remove weight from dimension,

Try like this in expression

= Sum(Aggr(sum({<eid=,security_type=,api=>}field_bad)/(sum({<eid=,security_type=,api=>}field_bad)+sum({<eid=,security_type=,api=>}field_good)) * Weight, FirmNum, FirmName, api, Weight))

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Re: Aggregation in straight table

For one selection it is working. Suppose if there are multiple selections made for Api. How can we get the total weighted in one line .


firm name             no              Api                Weighted


Royal                   11              bid_exchange     10%

Royal                    11              bid_price            22%

Instead of getting this is there any possibility to get

Royal              11              32%

Re: Re: Aggregation in straight table


Its depend on your dimension, If you used Api in dimension, its show two rows.

Please reload and check the file

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