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Allocated memory exceeded error

Hello everyone,

I've got this annoying "Allocated memory exceeded" error while trying to dinamically add dimensions to pivot table.

When I'm adding them via GUI I get no errors at all.

Macro I'm using:

sub onSelectMacro

  set chart = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")

  ' clean chart dimensions

  set dims = chart.GetProperties.Dimensions

  for i=0 to dims.Count - 1

    chart.RemoveDimension 0


  'add dimensions

  chart.AddDimension "time_name"

  set dimSelection = ActiveDocument.fields("dimension").GetSelectedValues

  for i=0 to dimSelection.Count - 1

    chart.AddDimension dimSelection.Item(i).text  


end sub

I'm attaching sample file.

Please help me sort out this strange behaviour.

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Re: Allocated memory exceeded error


you can use Calculated Dimension and put the expression:

IF(GetFieldSelections(dimension) = 'name_name', name_name, rx_name)

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Re: Allocated memory exceeded error

Thanks for your response!

I beleve your approach is usefull when there are only few dimensions. And unfortunately I've got at least dozen of them.

As a matter of fact. I've found that when I add these three lines to my macro it suddenly starts to work:

  set props = chart.GetProperties

  props.tableProperties.NumberOfLeftDimensions = dimSelection.Count


This approach do not affect web client, which is pity. I suspect it's a bug.

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Re: Allocated memory exceeded error

Hi, victor,

I've had the same problem. It works well with the code that you gaveSmiley Happy You save me a lot of time!

We can report this bug so that it could be fixed in the next release


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