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Allow Maximize - Size object


I have a pivot table object. I want give the users the ability to maximize the size of the pivot table, by using the checkbox (Caption - Allow Maximize). This works fine, but now i want to set the size of the object when maximized. Because when maximized the object falls over some list boxes that are still convenient for the user. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Allow Maximize - Size object

I think this isn't possible unless using macros - it don't worked with AJAX and is rather complicated. Perhaps you could use two objects and control the visibility from these objects with actions. But I believe it would be better to re-organize your sheet-objects, perhaps with using from container-boxes.

- Marcus

Re: Allow Maximize - Size object

Perhaps it would be better to show/hide those listboxes as needed. See the attached example created by Rebecca Camper.

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Re: Allow Maximize - Size object

I guess you can set Width and height of pivot in Caption so that it won't fall over list box. Then size would remain when minimized and maximized.



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