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Always One Selected Value on 2 dependent field


I have the following table


I need to enable the property [Always One Selected Value] on both field, but it stops me to switch from one [Conversion] to another.

Please check the attached sample.

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Try a different approach here instead of enabling Always one selected in multi box itself.

apart from two multi boxes create list boxes for your individual columns and enable always one selected property.

Hide the extra list boxes created.It should work.

Have a look at attached QVW.



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Hi Chiranjeevi,

It does not work, as I need to unselect the Year to be able to change the Conversion and if I add the attribute [Always One Selected Value] to the listbox Year, then the switch of Conversion become totally impossible. User should not be able to select multiple years.


With Always One Selected on the Year field, you will not be able to select 'Variable' in your above example because that implies a null Year (which means nothing selected). So what you are attempting does not work.

Can you not use some other technique to make your user select a year, such as conditional calculation or conditional visibility of the charts?



Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein

Note that the always one selected property applies to the field, even though you set it in a list box or multibox. So any other list boxes for that that field will have the same setting.

Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein
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The Conversion = Variable is only available for NA# year. So when you are selection 2010, then Conversion = Constant. And You would not be able to select Conversion=Variable since it is now a excluded value.