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AutoScale to window


So I am trying to add the functionality of the contents resizing to a window when the window dimensions are changed. I know there is a function called "Fit zoom to window" but while it does make everything easy to see, is there a way that the graphics and everything can be changed to better reflect the change in dimensions. While using "Fit zoom to window", when a window is resized to a smaller area width wise, and a larger or similar area height wise, it can create a gap at the bottom with nothing showing but the background.

Someone on my team does not like that being shown and was wondering if it could be filled, like an autoscale function. I have been searching the forums and have not found anything yet. Was wondering what anyone's thoughts were on the topic. If you need more clarification let me know. Thanks.

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Re: AutoScale to window


There is no automatic way to handle this issue. For QV 11 creating different layouts for different screens is common practice.

You can always try to create some macro that resizes the objects and possibly the font sizes and so on. But you should strongly think about the value since it's rather complex approach and it has many limitations.

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