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Automated Export of table

I have a table object on a tab in my QLV dashboard.  What I wanted to be able to do is to use a button action to perform an automated Export to Excel (Send to Excel).  I can use the icon on the title bar but user complain that this is too small and potentially located off the screen real estate forcing a scroll first.

I was hoping to be able to get to the Send to Excel method of the Table Object through the action editor but did not see a way.  Our enterprise does not allow Macros to be used.

Is there a way to do this?

The Export action does some of it, however it creates a CSV and not XLS file

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Re: Automated Export of table

I think there aren't any inbuilt features to achieve this. If you used AJAX it might be possible to change the size of the icons with an extension.

- Marcus

Re: Automated Export of table

You can simply right click the object and then select Send to Excel.

Doing this there is no "small icon" to click nor scrolling.  Simple quick and easy, and I find End Users to be very happy with this.

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Re: Automated Export of table

Yes..If Macros are not allowed then Right click on the object and then send to excel is a Good option.

Re: Automated Export of table

I agree and I use respectively let use these approach for the most of our objects for that reason alone that many of them haven't an object-title.

- Marcus

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Re: Automated Export of table

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