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Balance on a particular day

I would like to look into the best way to deal with transaction (Balance) data in QlikView. 

We have the Following Scenario:

Customer A Takes out a Loan on a date in the past, each day Interest is charged to the load, and on certain days Repayment may be made, and other charges may also be made:

1/1/2013 - Load Taken out £100 - Balance £100

2/1/2013 - Interest Charged £1

3/1/2013 - Interest Charged £1

4/1/2013 - Interest Charged £1

5/1/2013 - Interest Charged £1

6/1/2013 - Interest Charged £1

6/1/2013 - Payment Made £50 - Balance £56

7/1/2013 - Interest Charged £.50

8/1/2013 - Interest Charged £.50

9/1/203 - Payment Made £57

What we need to be able to do is understand a balances and sum of balances at a point of time, (i.e. Cumulative), and would like to know the best way to do this. 

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