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Bar Chart - Dimension Limits & Accumulation


I have the following example table:


If I want to create an accumulative bar chart that only shows 2015 but instead of starting at 0, I would like it to start at the sum of the previous dates (15 in this case).

What I also experimented with is to load the entire dataset and limit the dimension, but it doesn't have an option to limit the last x amount of values, only the first and I can't figure out how to position the Other bucket at the beginning.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Bar Chart - Dimension Limits & Accumulation

can you use the Scale settings for min (for either your dimentsion or expression) and have the min be your expression containing the total for the prior year?

Re: Bar Chart - Dimension Limits & Accumulation

Can you post the result table you expect using your example data?

If you want to do accumulation perhaps this document helps: Calculating rolling n-period totals, averages or other aggregations

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Re: Bar Chart - Dimension Limits & Accumulation

Maybe something like this:

if(DateY = 2015 and DateQ = 1,

     rangesum(sum({1< DateY = {2014}>} Amount), above(sum(Amount), 0, rowno(total))),

     rangesum(above(sum(Amount), 0, rowno(total))))

- Marcus

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