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Bar Chart 'Log Scale' option button

First off, I would just like to thank all the members of this forum, who regularly help me out with a variety of problems I come up against in Qlikview. I've never had to post a topic before, but haven't seen any post that could help me in this particular case. Here goes;

I have a standard bar chart containing 2 dimensions and an expression, that has a large variation in figures. I've logged the scale to make it easier on the eye, however, the FD would like to see both the Logged Scale, and the Un-Logged Scale view of the table. I was thinking a button would be ideal to switch between the 2 views, rather than have 2 seperate tables that contain the 2 differing chart views. Is this possible? And how would I go about doing it? My knowledge of buttons ends at specifying an action against it, but I think what I need would be more down the macro way. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as always.

Many thanks

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Bar Chart 'Log Scale' option button

I've handled it by simply creating two charts, one with the logarithmic scale, and one with the linear scale. To switch between them, I use a cyclic group of fields "Logarithmic Scale" and "Linear Scale". These fields don't link to anything, have no data, and only exist to support the cyclic group. Then the logarithmic chart, for instance, would use a conditional show of getcurrentfield("Scale")='Logarithmic Scale'. Then you just need some way of displaying the cyclic group, such as with a list box (with nothing listed since there are no values).

You wouldn't need to use a cyclic group, of course. You could also just make a "Scale" field with values 'Logarithmic' and 'Linear' and set it to always have one and only one value selected. The main thing is just that I think it takes two charts being conditionally shown.

I suspect you could do it with a single chart and a macro, but I wouldn't due to the drawbacks of macros.

I highly doubt there's any way to do it with a single chart and an action, but I could be wrong.

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