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Below / Above functions in chart


In the picture below I have a straight table to the left which I have copied to the right and changes the chart type from Straight Table to Bar Chat. In the Bar Chart I have deselected the Show Legend for all dimensions except SHOWWEEK. When looking at the Straight Table I want a chart showing the sum of hours (column Calculated) for each SHOWWEEK. The column All hours is just included to see the differences between that column and the Calculated. In the Calculated column I have used Below/Above functions to be able to obtaint the correct number of hours. For WORKORDER KAO-089733 there are 12 hours for both SEL_TYPE B and D, but only that for SEL_TYPE D should be included. For each WORKORDER there could be a record for SEL_TYPE A, B, C and D and there are certain rules for which of those that should be included. Any combination of A, B, C and D could be present and that is why I use the Below/Above functions. I have read that these functions used in charts are OK to use and that the calculation is based on the chart's Straight Table equivalent with column segment for all dimension values except for the the last dimension. The question is then: Is it possible to have a chart showing one bar per SHOWWEEK and at the same time keep the logic by using the Below/Above funtions?


Hope someone has an answer to this! I attach the QlikView document if someone wants to have a closer look!


Øystein Birkeland

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