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Contributor II
Contributor II

Benchmarking table

I'm trying to set up a table so that an individual can benchmark themselves against larger aggregations of the same data. The data is hierarchical like this:

Salesperson, Salesgroup, Office, WidgetAsSold, WidgetBsSold,WidgetCsSold

And what I want to end up with is a simple grid like this:


SalesPersonA Sales

SalesPersonA's SalesGroup Average SalesSalesPersonA' Office Average SalesCompanywide Average sales


Any suggestions would be very much appreciated

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Digital Support
Digital Support

Re: Benchmarking table

Matt, try looking around in the Design Blog area of Community:


This is the base link, there is a search box there you can use to try to find some posts that may help you come up with a working model here.  I suspect the reason for lack of responses is no info regarding the source data etc. such that folks would be able to tell you what you need to do in the load script to get it into a data model that would allow you to create the chart you want.  The Design Blog area consists of more than 700 posts from our internal experts, and most are how-to related, so that should be helpful, but it may take a bit to find the posts you need to get your solution completed I expect.  Sorry I do not have anything better, if you can provide further details on the source data I think that will likely help get some further responses if you want them, a sample Excel file or text file etc. that mimics things would likely be best.


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