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Best practice building P&L? Examples?

Hi there!

  1. I´m trying to find out good ways to build different P&L (pivot tables) with drilling/connection to transactional data from those tables for a companies finance departments. I have built in codes for sums (P&L-lines) etc in the data warehouse to get the correct order for the P&L. This works, but are there other ways to do this? Best practice?
  2. Is there any possibility to format different levels of subtotals with different formats in a pivot table? How?
  3. Most qvw-examples form QlikView are about sales, production etc or very high level of finance without drills to low level P&L analysis or transaction data to general ledger. Does somebody have an qvw-example of P&L down to low level? (i e account level) with pivot table and/or with connection to transactions to general ledger.



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Re: Best practice building P&L? Examples?


This post was a while back...did you find anything?  I'm basically looking for the same thing.

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Re: Best practice building P&L? Examples?

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