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Blank Charts in Containers

Hello all,

I created 2 different containers and I created one container using the other 2 containers. I have combination of graphs and tables inside each containers. Overall I have 5 different containers and each of these containers include 2 containers. The problem is when I open QVW file and toggel between these containers, I get blank for some of the charts and when I toggle again or resize the chart I can see the content of that chart.

I wonder if you faced the same problem before. I appreciate if you let me know.

Thank you,

Behnaz Shirazi

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Re: Blank Charts in Containers

We see this all the time.  It seems to be a bug in QV desktop behavior (doesn't happen on the server).  I always just switch WebView on and off, and it goes back to normal.

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Re: Blank Charts in Containers


It also happened to me in previous versions SR (I think in SR 2), but with the latest SR it should be fixed.

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Re: Blank Charts in Containers

This seems to be a bug in previous versions of Qlikview..
try switching to the latest version...
I havent encountered such an issue while working on Qlikview Desktop version 11.2.

Also as @Nicole Smith said, try to toggle between the Web View... this will enable all the charts

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