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Bookmarks, Containers, and Cyclic Groups - Oh my!

I am having an issue with Container Objects and user-created bookmarks. The problem is that bookmarks don't seem to be able to remember the field selected within a cyclic group.

More Details

Users are accessing the application through the Access Point, and often will change the cyclic group dimensions, as wel as make selections prior to creating a bookmark. Upon utilizing that bookmark the user is brought to the right view on the right tab and all selections are made, but the Cyclic group will not change to what they had selected when the bookmark was set. I've tested this and bookmarks work for cyclic dimensions not within a container, but do not change the cyclic group once the object is placed within a container.

Our users have become very reliant on bookmarks, so I'm interested in understanding if anyone can help me with this issue. Is there something I'm missing? What about an easy workaround?

Thank you in advance!

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Sounds like a bug.

Is the cyclic group only used on objects inside a container? As a possible workaround, I would try using the same cyclic group on another chart or list box outside the container as well and see if that causes the one inside the container to work properly. Try making cyclic group selections inside and outside the container.

If that solves the problem, you could try hiding the new object and testing that as well.



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Jonathan - Thank you for your thoughts. The cyclic group is only utilized in a container.

We've toyed around with trying to get cyclic groups outside the container to work with bookmarks, but have not had regular success. It seems to be hit or miss as to when it works. As long as the cyclic group is within a container we are not able to consistantly get bookmarks to change which field it looks at.

Right now we have an app with 4 tabs, each with a Container object that holds 4-6 objects. Without bookmarks changing cyclic groups within containers I'm going to have to rethink the layout. Our users are very reliant on bookmarks due to the time savings. Does anyone have recommendations on how to layout 4-6 views on a tab without it seeming cluttered? Is the answer just to have the charts minimized and only have one shown at a time?

Thank you!

Creator III
Creator III

My work around for this is to create a straight table with the cyclic group as one dimenion and just set the expression to 1.  I then hide the table.  This table must be on the same sheet where the container object is with the chart and the same cyclic group.

Now when the user creates a bookmark and saves the layout it remembers the correct cyclic value.


(I just re-read what Jonathan said and thats' exactly what he said, oh well)

Contributor III
Contributor III

Few years late but I found another wrinkle for those still needing this trick:

When I create bookmarks it will only save the cyclic group's selection if it has been changed from the first defaul field. If you try to set a bookmark on the first value it doesn't seem to get saved.