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Bug with "Show Value" vs "Values on Data Points" for 3D Barchart


There is a Show Value property in the Expressions tab for a Chart ,which the documentation describes as :

Show Value

Click on Show Value in order to enter an attribute expression for calculating whether the data point plot should be complemented with a "value on data point" value, even if Values on Data Points has not been selected for the main expression. If Values on Data Points is selected for the main expression the attribute expression will be disregarded. This type of attribute expression only has effect on bar, line and combo charts. 

This works for most of the charts I've used EXCEPT for a 3D Chart.

I understand that we have to uncheck Values on Data Points in order for the expression in Show Value to enable/disable this feature on the chart, and it works fine for most charts.

However, when I use the 3D Chart, this Show Value attribute seems to be ignored. No matter what I put e.g. an Expression or even a literal 0 or 1, it will still not impact the display of the data.

And ONLY checking / unchecking Values on Data Points has an effect on the chart.

Can someone pls confirm if this is a bug?

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Re: Bug with "Show Value" vs "Values on Data Points" for 3D Barchart

I have just done a test, and can see similar issue what you have faced. May be more inputs from people could confirm. I am using QV 11.2 SR12

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