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Business Analysis & Requirements Gathering for QlikView

Hi folks,

I'd be interested to know how you approach BA and requirements gathering for QlikView applications.  Reporting requirements are relatively easy to identify: get clarity on the process or organision to be monitored and the goals of the monitoring, and then it's fairly straighforward to identify the metrics to report. 

But what about analytical requirements, where the user doesn't have a fixed objective as to precisely what is to be achieved?  It's relatively easy to identify the data domain and data structures of interest, but myself, I still feel somewhat at sea as to how to figure-out what combination of charts and tables will best facilitate business discovery atop those structures.

Any thoughts or resources?

Kind Regards,


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Re: Business Analysis & Requirements Gathering for QlikView

Hi Sir

I am not so clear what you mean. Base on Guess , My though is may be you are  asking about how to go about what kind of report that user need ?

My answer is depend on the user problem ? if he want to know who are their high risk customer , then report should track those customer purchase high amount and their payment are slow.

Hope this help.

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