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Button click problem


I have attached an image that gives you an idea.

This is my problem.

I have two charts,two sliders,two input boxes,two groups(bc,De) and four buttons.

first chart contains a slider  and some fields as agroup.I was added the group to the chart by selecting bc group and write the expression as

Count(LensKey) .so that the data is displayed on the chart.

the group(bc) having the variables are bcVar1,bcVar2 and i assign the values for the variables like this in the properties of the slider.



inthe inputbox i have taken these two variables for to show the min and max range of the particular selected field from the group or from the selected range of the slider of that particular field of that group.

the buttons like "inrange" and "outrange" are working like this

For inrange button,

properties->action->add->selection->selectinfield where



For outrange button,

properties->action->add->selection->selectexcluded where


The same thing is done by me for the second chart for the group(De) having the variables DeVar1 and DeVar2.

Now the problem came like this,

when i click the inrange buttion of the first chart after selecting the particular field from the group and a specific range in the slider and from those range min and max values are displayed in the inputbox. then the exact result came ie,the data with in the range came similarly for outrange button also.

The same thing is also happened for other chart also , this is working well for the single chart in our sheet.

But if my sheet contains two charts then what happens is,

when i clicked either of the buttons from the particular chart buttons the other chart is also responding for that action but the  result comes.

I hope so explained here clearly....

With pations understand my problem happening to the charts.

Is it possible to do with out reacting(data change) in the other chart????

If possible let me know the solution....


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