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Calculated Dimension

Hi all,

what´s the correct sentence to create this espresion:

(RangeSum(Above(SUM({$<AGRUPADOR={'01_VENTAS'}>}(DATA_AVER))/SUM({$<AGRUPADOR={'01_VENTAS'}>}total DATA_AVER) , 0, NoOfRows()))>=.95,'C',


(RangeSum(Above(SUM({$<AGRUPADOR={'01_VENTAS'}>}(DATA_AVER))/SUM({$<AGRUPADOR={'01_VENTAS'}>}total DATA_AVER) , 0, NoOfRows()))>=0.80,'B',


(RangeSum(Above(SUM({$<AGRUPADOR={'01_VENTAS'}>}(DATA_AVER))/SUM({$<AGRUPADOR={'01_VENTAS'}>}total DATA_AVER) , 0, NoOfRows()))>=.50,'A',


(RangeSum(Above(SUM({$<AGRUPADOR={'01_VENTAS'}>}(DATA_AVER))/SUM({$<AGRUPADOR={'01_VENTAS'}>}total DATA_AVER) , 0, NoOfRows()))<=0.50,'AA'))))

as a Dimension?


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Calculated Dimension

Hi javierortiz,

It might be a good idea to test the expressions in your Qlikview file first?

And see whether there are any red color underlines beneath the expression.

If so you'll know where it goes wrong.

Hope this can help a bit.

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