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Calculating a percentage


I’m attempting to display the percentage of processing time for various jobs.  I initially created a straight table chart with the following:


Effective Date

Job Group


Sum([Duration In Minutes])

Relative is checked.

I have about 25 job groups.  The problem is that when I select a few job groups instead of displaying all job groups my expression displays numbers that increase so that the total is 100%.  That’s not accurate.

What I need is for the correct percentages to be displayed whether displaying all the job groups or only looking at a few.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Calculating a percentage

Using "Relative" will always lead to the total of 100%, so in won't be useful in your case.

Instead, calculate the % manually, using keyword ALL - it means ignoring chart dimensions and user selections:

Sum([Duration In Minutes])/Sum( ALL [Duration In Minutes])

If you need a more granular definition of what selections to respect and what selections to ignore, then you'll need to replace ALL with a corresponding Set Analysis condition.


Oleg Troyansky

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Re: Calculating a percentage


Thanks for your response.  I tried this which got me what I need.


sum([Duration In Minutes])/Sum( TOTAL [Duration In Minutes])

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Re: Calculating a percentage

Actually, what I ended up doing that got me what I really needed was modified the load script to include:


LOAD "Effective Date",
sum("Duration In Minutes") as [Daily Total Duration]Resident MetricHist

Group By "Effective Date";

Then I modified my expression to

=sum([Duration In Minutes])/sum([Daily Total Duration])

Now when I select a job, the percentage remains unchanged.  If I selected a job before it would change from the actual percentage to 100%.

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Re: Calculating a percentage

Attached is an example of the results.


Re: Calculating a percentage


You created th total in script so it always be static.

For dynamic based on selction you should use

=sum([Duration In Minutes])/sum(Total <[Effective Date]> [Duration In Minutes])

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