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Calling Subs and functions

Hi All,

How do I call the functions and Subs written in another qvw file. 

Thanks and Regards

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You can't. Unless you create a macro to launch a new instance of QV and load that document, and run those macros etc. which sounds pretty pointless.

Easiest way would be to copy across any macro you want to use.

Maybe if you explain what you actually want to achieve, someone can suggest a good approach.

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Hi Johannes,

Thanks for your instant reply. I want to reuse the code written in some qvw file instead of copy the code. For this purpose Binary cannot be used?


Yes, I understand, but for what use? Why would it make sense to call another document instead of copying the function/sub over? Maybe there's a good reason that I'm not seeing

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I have designed a template that will be shared across the customers. If I need to modify anything I can only modify the source qvw and ship the same to all the customers.


Ok, and what type of macro are you trying to run? (Also, you should still be able to put the macro in the template that you distribute?)