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Can't Resize Width of Straight Table

I cannot adjust the horizontal width of my straight tables. I do not have "Auto Size to Data" selected.

I am trying to display so you can scroll horizontally to all available dimensions.

I feel this should be an easy fix. What am I missing?

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Re: Can't Resize Width of Straight Table

Only the expressions get a horizontal scroll bar

You could use a pivot table and use +/- to expand collapse

Or use a conditional hide/show on each field to have users select only the fields they want to see (rather than scroll).

the last option is the best in my opinion.


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Re: Can't Resize Width of Straight Table

I just ran into this problem. I couldn't resize anything to the right. My display zoom in Windows was set to 150% on my 4k display.  I set it back to 100% and now I can resize items as I expect.

Check your display zoom?


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