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Can we "link" objects ?

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on the design of an application. I am wondering : Can we "link" objects in QV as we can in powerpoint for example  ?

If I want to move together a graph and some textboxes, how can I do ?

Thanks and have a good day

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Re: Can we "link" objects ?

No, you cannot link objects but you can create containers object in your application.
These object group other objects and then, you can move easier serveral objects.

Re: Can we "link" objects ?

Yup, you can lasso them with you mouse.

Or keep <Shift> pressed while you click each one.

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Re: Can we "link" objects ?

Use a new sheet object\container object and put in the desired objects

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Re: Can we "link" objects ?

If you want to move multiple objects, hold down the shift key and the left mouse button. You can now 'lasso' objects by dragging the cursor. This will group them tigether.

Note only objects that are toatlly with in the selection will be captured.

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