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Cell borders on Pivot table

I have a pivot table with multiple dimensions and one expression.

The last dimension (Contract Clause) is pivoted:


I have couple issues with chart's cells:

1. The cell border for Pivoted dimension is much thicker than the rest of the cells (#1 above)

2. There is no vertical border between two last dimensions (#2 above).

I've tried different chart styles, but was not able to change this view.

I would appreciate your suggestions.

Best regards,


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Re: Cell borders on Pivot table

It should be possible with themes I think. Take a look for example at the Clean style on the Style tab.

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Re: Cell borders on Pivot table

I do not think themes apply to cell's style. I do not see an option to change the cell's options anywhere there. It looks like themes are covering Color schema, Backgrounds, Caption's style only.

And Clean style dims the existing cell borders a bit and removes some lines if specified, but I need to have all cell to have a same border styles, like Excel.


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Re: Cell borders on Pivot table

you should try the "custom format cell". To enable it:

1. press the "design grid' Снимок экрана 2014-03-27 в 0.14.22.png

2. after that you'll see the new option "custom format cell" when you right click any cell of the pivot table.

Hope that helps!

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