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Certification ..If employer is Qliktech customer ?


    My employer is a Qliktech  customer ( Not partner ) . Does that make me  eligible for QV certification ? I did my research on this community and from what i have gathered, Is that only partners of Qliktech are eligible for certification (is it true because  I may be wrong ) .

If I am eligible, then

i) Where can I get the materials for preparing for the test.  I don't want to attend the online or training classes organised by QLiktech .

   Because I have been working on this tool for a while and I'm sure I won't be learning much at the Classroom training by Qliktech .

Are there books available in the market ..which i could use for preparting for the certification ?

ii) My firm is a customer of Qliktech , so is it possible to apply for certification, if not ,then is there any other way of applying for certification ?

iii) Does naybody have trraining material that I could use, I would really appreciate it if someone could attach some training docs or videos.

   Note; I have the reference manuel as well as docs on set analysis..I was looking for docs for training in QV 11.


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Re: Certification ..If employer is Qliktech customer ?

I believe certification is now open to partners and customers, this was changed recently.

Please check out the certification page and the FAQ:



Re: Certification ..If employer is Qliktech customer ?

Thank you swuel,

Where can I find materials for preparing for the certification. ? It's not possible for me to attend the classroom training or online training organized by Qliktech.



Re: Certification ..If employer is Qliktech customer ?

I don't know where you can find sample questions (depart from the certification site linked above). It would be against the NDA to post any questions, but the samples you see on the linked page and in the FAQ should give you an idea.

There are some threads here covering the topics of the certification exam, so please search the forum for that.

There are also threads covering study materials (books).

IMHO, a very good place to learn from is the forum itself (including the document / blogs on this site), and some of the blogs linked on the New to QV site.

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Re: Certification ..If employer is Qliktech customer ?


  I found one book on amazon ,though it hasn't been released yet. But I'm sure it would be very helpful for you .

  Check out the link below:



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Re: Certification ..If employer is Qliktech customer ?

Hi Balraj,

You may be interested in our book "QlikView 11 for Developers" (http://community.qlik.com/thread/67798) I've heard from quite a few developers who've used it to successfully prepare for their Developer Certification.

Kind regards,


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