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Change drill down dimension label


I've created a drill down group with 5 dimensions, one of which is a calculated dimension. Even though I changed the label of this calculated dimension, that label does not appear when used in a formula (see below). Does anyone know how to make this label appear instead of the calculated dimension formula?

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Re: Change drill down dimension label

I am not sure exactly what you have done as I cannot replicate this.  Could you share a screenshot of the whole of the Chart Object ?

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Re: Change drill down dimension label

Hi Bill,

Thanks for helping! I've attached another screenshot of the entire chart. The highlighted text should read "Denial avoidability and payment percent: Root Cause", however, as you can see, the calculated dimension for Root Cause is displayed instead. I have changed the label of this calculated dimension in the drill-down group, however that doesn't seem to carry over to the title formula. 9-3-2014 1-20-43 PM.png

I've also attached again the other screenshot that shows the updated drill-down group label

9-3-2014 12-47-38 PM.png

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