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Character Limit expression comments?


exists a limit for expression comments and if yes, can i change it?

could not find any discussion or other info regarding this topic...

I use variables to fill the comments and the variable has the full text (does not matter, it works the same with just the text instead of the variable). If i use the variable as expression comment it will be cut after 215 characters, if I use it as help text of the object it is diyplayed fully. 

Thanks a lot in advance

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Re: Character Limit expression comments?

Hi @wmarkett1983

You probably didn't check for spaces etc. I found that the limit at 255 characters .

Btw didn't know it was limited. Nice find. 


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Re: Character Limit expression comments?

guess you are right. Have not thought about that the tool to count the characters, was just counting the characters 😉
Thanks for your Reply
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