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Chart - 3 Standarddeviation


I have a problem with a chart and I would like to know your opinion. I have a chart with many lines. Each line represent the average per day of a value. I would like to plot for each point also +/-3*StandardDeviation. Is it possible in Qlikview??? I would like to get in my chart intervalls like in this image.

Thank you for your time!!!!!


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Re: Chart - 3 Standarddeviation

Hi Eduardo,

Stdev() is the function for standard deviation in QlikView.

See more under the F1 help and look up "Statistical Aggregation Functions in Charts"

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Re: Chart - 3 Standarddeviation

Hey Johannes!

Thank you for your help, but I don't understand how  to use  "Statistical Aggregation Functions in Charts".

Thank you very much for your time and effort!


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