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Chart-->Straight Table (redirection)

Good morning,

I have a question about a chart-->straight table.

I have a container with "Item Number, Sales" then on my other tab within the container I have an image.

I'm trying to have make it so when the user clicks on the Item Number it goes to the second tab automatically.

Idea is that once the user clicks on the item number the 2nd tab will show the image.

I looked under the chart but haven't been able to find anything to add an action on the item number.

Any ideas.



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Re: Chart-->Straight Table (redirection)

You can use the button instead... but still unclear from your question.

Could you please provide some sample apps?

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Re: Chart-->Straight Table (redirection)

I know I can use the button but that would mean an extra click.

1-click on an item

2-click on the button (action to go to next tab and see image)

I would like to add the action to the item so once they click on the item it goes to the 2nd tab on the container.

let me work on a sample app

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Re: Chart-->Straight Table (redirection)

Here is the Demo.

The goal is that once I click on the item FIFA0120-10001518 It will then go to the next tab inside the container and show me the pic.

hope that makes sense.

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