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Chart tool tip popup doesn't display


I am developing in 11.2

while my customer is using QV11 SR2

It seems that all pop-up values that I can see in my Client (11.2)

can't be seen in the customer side (using access point - server version 11 SR2)

Is there a known bug where pop-up values don’t appear

in QV11 SR2 When developing in 11.2?

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Re: Chart tool tip popup doesn't display


What popups do you mean? It can be due to the customer browser configuration, that is not allowing popups (by default in most browsers).

Apart from that, does that happen in Internet Explorer Plugin, Ajax...?

Hope that helps,



Re: Chart tool tip popup doesn't display

Hi Miguel

I mean the Chart Popup (when scroling over the bar chart the values pops up as a small text).

The customer is using Internet Explorer Plugin and logs in using access point.