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Columns disappear in the chart when clicked. Error in aggregation?


Hi there!
There is an Excel table with data and I want to visualize it in QlikView as a chart.
(Excel file description: all names are conditional, for example. Status "-1", " 1 " to display the current Qlik
data: "-1" - not active, " 1 " - active)pic6.JPG



In Qlik I want to see in the chart columns with "Criterion 1" by "Object", only active ( "1" ).
Used such dimension:

The expressions look like this:

Status)),[Criterion 1],[Criterion 2],[Criterion 3],
[Criterion 4],[Criterion 5], Type,[Criterion Object],DateChange,
Status,DescriptionChange)>0, 1))>0,1)

Problem: If the string "Criterion 5" has a null value, clicking on the column values "Object"-
lost "Criterion 5" and "Object" columns.

Maybe an error in the aggregation expression? What you think?

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