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Combo chart issue while Plotting Normal Distribution

Dear Community,

I am developing a normal distribution chart using a Combo chart. I have some issues with the bars and Lines as well

In the attached image bars shows continuity. That means they are touching with each other. I tried to manage this using scale But i had no luck. I also need Vertical LSL and USL values at -0.2 and 0.2 respectively(it will be visible if i dont make any selections. But It should display for any selections.)


The line starts some where above in the graph but it should start at 0 even though there are no values for getting 0.

I am also attaching the sample image of my graph how it looks in SAS. I need to do the same report in Qlikview.

Please find the sample App attached.

Please help me in achieving this.

Thanks a ton in advance.



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Re: Combo chart issue while Plotting Normal Distribution

The issue is with the BC_DEV available for the "B00GZBZ" Lot. It is limited to -0.080 to 0,040.Sample.png

Hence you are not getting the zero values.


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