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ComboChart and Show Conditional

I have ComboChart with option showConditional: if (showChart=1,1,0) (showChart is variable).

Option сalculationConditional is empty.

I run application with showChart = 0, I dont see ComboChart. Its good.

But then I save memory Statistics and see that my ComboChart have CalcTime 3267 milliseconds!

If I write in Option сalculationConditional same conditional:  if (showChart=1,1,0) - then CalcTime is 0.

My question - how it work? QV begin calс - and only after see option showConditional?

If I don't see and calc object - I need write option showConditional and calculationConditional together?

It's work only on ComboChart?

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Re: ComboChart and Show Conditional


sometimes it may be very useful to have chart hidden but calculated. Dont worry about the same (exactly the same expression string) in more than one place. QlikView can manage it with cache.



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Re: ComboChart and Show Conditional

Darek, i understood correctly - what ALL hidden object calc if option сalculationConditional is empty?

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