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Compare Values in same column and return traffic lights

Hello Team,

I have a column which shows YoY % for different types of membership , however , i need to compare the YoY % for diff countries and return traffic lights based on that. Below is the snapshot to get better understanding


so when you look at the Q1'13YoY % , there are values across 5 types of membership, the desired outcome is

               The maximum value out of this list should be identified

               The 25% (1.25 out of 5 -rounded off to 2)of the highest values should be green

               The next 50% (2.5 out of 5 rounded off to 2)of the values should be orange

               The 25% (1.25 out of 5 rounded off to 1) of the highest values should be green

PS**The logic behind rounding off is just due to make the green one's more presentable

Can you please help me achieve this ???


Kind Regards,


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