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Comparing create and expiry dates


I have 2 date fields one create date and expiry date....

I want to compare these two dates in the chart side by side with their counts for every year.

can any one please help me in doing this.

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Re: Comparing create and expiry dates

Could you provide an example of comparison? What Do you want to know, number of days, of months or what else?

Re: Comparing create and expiry dates

Here is an example, hope it helps but I wait other informations.

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Re: Comparing create and expiry dates

When you have two dates, one for creation and other for expiration, usually it is a good idea to use a Triangulation Report. This consists on using a Pivot Chart, and putting one date on columns and the other on rows, and your measure (number of contracts, for example) as your expression for the cells value.

Bellow you have an example of this type of report:



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