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Concatenated Dimension in Chart

I would like a chart to handle multiple dimensions.  The bottom chart, titled Separate Dimensions, calculates correctly when in Pivot Table mode.  I have no issues with that.  When in Bar Chart mode, however, I would like to see the bars created for the last dimension (Type) only.  I understand that Bar Charts may not work that way in QlikView (or anywhere else) so I am prepared to concatenate the dimensions (except Month) into a single, concatenated Dimension.  When I do that, the bars seem grouped as I might expect for concatenated dimensions but the Percent is no longer accurate.

In the attached QVW, please find some simplified dummy data (viewable in a Table Box) as well as 2 chart objects, which each have Fast Change icons to toggle between Bar Charts and Pivot tables so you can see what's going on. 

- Both charts have the same Dimensions, in the same order.  The top one has them concatenated into a single string.  The bottom has them separated out.

- Both charts have the same Expression for Percent.  They each also have disabled Expressions for Numerator and Denominator which you can use to see what I'm talking about. 

- The top chart has reasonable-looking bars but the answers are incorrect so that doesn't really help.

- The bottom chart has the correct calculated answers when in Pivot Table mode but not the correct bars when in Bar Chart mode.

One option that has been suggested in-house for my REAL qvw is to add yet-another-key column but that doesn't work well when my key would need data that goes across tables - and adding new tables with the data pre-aggregated is tempting but adds to the level of complexity of unwarrented keys.

We've also considered the aggr() function but the math seems to work just fine in the bottom grid without it.


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