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Conditional Object Location (X and Y Pos)

I am creating a collapsible current selections box, and I want it to show when there are selections made and hide when there are none.  Because the box is at the top of my dashboard I need to adjust the container below it's X and Y positions accordingly when the selections box is visible and hidden.  I know you can't use variables in X and Y, I was just wondering if anyone has accomplished this any other way?  My next course of action is to just create a duplicate of the container and put a layout condition on each, but ideally I don't want to create a whole other object.  Any ideas? No example I am really able to post, apologize in advance for that.

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Re: Conditional Object Location (X and Y Pos)


Moving objects dynamically is only possible with a macro and actions. So if you have to trigger between two positions the most effective way in my opinion is to duplicate it and use conditional show.

Otherwise use actions and macro:

Re: Dynamic positioning for objects?

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