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Conditional "Copy State Contents"


I have 2 states, A and B.  When users make their selections in list boxes from state A, I want those selections to be transferred to state B.  Simple enough, I use an OnChange or OnSelect trigger to copy the state contents to state B.  Once I have all of my selections made, I want to be able to make selections in state B.  However, I do not want my selections in state B to change any selections in state A.  What makes it tricky, is all of the list boxes I am using, are the same across states.

So for example:

A user selects 5 cities from the "City" field in state A.  Those selections are transferred to the "City" field in State B.  Now, I want to select a subset of the cities from the "City" field in State B, without changing any of the selections in state A.

I am not sure if I am configuring the alternate states incorrectly in the trigger actions menu, or if I need to be doing something else.  I have tried changing the alternate states option in the trigger actions menu to no avail.  I have also tried a concatenation method I found on the Qlik Community, but found it does not work 100% of the time.  Does anybody have any advice?

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Re: Conditional "Copy State Contents"

You can try triggers and GetFieldSelectins() function.

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