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Container Object Tab Scrollbar

Is it possible to have a scroll bar for Tabs in a Container Object when selecting Object Properties>>Presentation>>Appearance: Tabs on the Left?

The issue I am having is after adding more than 10 tables to my container, the remaining tabs on the left become hidden because they fall below the lower bound of the container (too many objects in the container).  I wish to simply scroll down to the tabs that are not showing.

I understand that I can use the dropdown at top option, but I wish to have the tabs showing on the left for this container.

Thank you.

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Re: Container Object Tab Scrollbar

The container object has no scrollbar for tabs. So you're out of luck. A better alternative to containers is showing and hiding objects as needed and using clickable textboxes to show hide them. See this demo for example. On the Running and Driving tabs of that demo you can see tabs. But that's not a container object. It's done with text boxes. You can download the .qvw document and see how it's done.

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Re: Container Object Tab Scrollbar

Thank you for your response.  How about a hotkey to go to toggle to the next tab in the container?  Although I won't be able to see the tab in the container I will still be able to access it without resizing the container space. Does a hotkey exist for toggling through container tabs?

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