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Count If / Aggr Issue

Hi All,

I have a table with unique employee id and count of cases in front of them.

ManagerId     Emp ID          Cases

     A               1                        5

     A               2                       10

     A               3                       5

     A               4                       20

     A               5                       5

And i want to create the following :

ManagerID      Count of EMPID with Count of Cases =3

A                                        3

I want to

Please help me out with the same...



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Re: Count If / Aggr Issue

hi it wasn't clear what you realy wanted but

you need to use something like


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Re: Count If / Aggr Issue

see ttachein straight--

dimension-                  Emp ID

expression-               count(TOTAL DISTINCT Cases)

then output like this

ManagerIdEmp Id


see attachement

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Re: Count If / Aggr Issue

Hi utsav,

T think i get u, u want to develope report which counts cases for each manager.


in that case u need to use pivot table .

and add dimension manager id,cases & in expression side add exp like

=sum(Emp ID)

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Re: Count If / Aggr Issue

Hi All,

the expression to count the cases is as follows :

=Count(Distinct{$<TableFlag={Abc},Channel={'Bank'},Date={$(=vYesterday)},Year= ,Quarter= ,Month= >}Cases))

As the Cases Columns is a calculated expression I am unable to use it in a set analysis form.



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