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Create Chart expression that ignores the dimension

Hi all,

I have a graph with the following structure:

Dimension - Hour

Expression - Count(distinct SalesDate)

The problem is the following: In my chart, I get in each Hour the number of distinct days that a sale occured in the appropriate hour.

My goal is: to get the total number of days according to the filter. If I filter 12/07/14 and 11/07/14 I want to Expression in the chart to be 2 in every one of the hours ignoring wether or not a sale occured in that hour.

Can anyone help me?

My failed attempts: count(total distinct(SalesDate)) -failed because filtering one specific dates will not change this count

                             count(distinct {<Hour=>} SalesDate) - failes becuse the values are the same as in Count(distinct SalesDate).


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Re: Create Chart expression that ignores the dimension

As far as I understand,

=Count(TOTAL DISTINCT SalesDate)

should work. Not sure why it does not in your setting. Does it work as an expression in a text box (where you can remove the TOTAL again)?

Then you can also create a variable vCountDalesDates in variable overview

=Count(DISTINCT SalesDate)

and reference the variable in your chart expression.

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