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Create a Corporate Colour Palette inserted into variables from a base colour set

Hi everyone,

I have developed a small script that will automatically generate a set of colours from a few base colours and insert these into easy to use variables.

All you require is editing the inline table which contains your base colour palette, edit the 2nd table where you define the opacities you desire for the colour palette and the script automatically creates the full set of colour combinations (ARGB transparencies, RGB solid colours and HEX codes for use in QlikSense) and inserts these into variables.

The colours are inserted into variables which can be used in the front-end that can then be called for in any application design/build. The colour variables follow the naming convention of "v[Colour Name][Opacity Percent]" for RGB colours, "v[Colour Name][Opacity Percent]_ARGB" for ARGB colours and "v[Colour Name][Opacity Percent]_HEX" for HEX colours.

Please read instructions in the attached QVW script to find out how to edit it and create your colours as required.

Once you have created your colour palette, you can insert this script into a text file and call for it via an insert statement in all your apps. The colours will automatically become available in the app.

I hope this helps.