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Create a cross tab with charts as its facts


I want to create a cross tab report which looks like this


Here Month 1 and Portfolio are dimensions.

Chart has to be placed, which will be calculated based on values of Month and Count of Portfolio.

I tried using pivot table, but dont know how to add dimension to column section of cross tab.

Please let me know anyone has any idea on how to do it.



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Re: Create a cross tab with charts as its facts

You can use the trellis option. Pick the chart type you want and on the Dimension tab click on Trellis and check Enable Trellis Chart and Enable Secondary Trellis Dimension. The first two dimensions you add are for the Trellis axes. The rest of the dimensions and expressions you add are for the charts displayed in the trellis grid.

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Re: Create a cross tab with charts as its facts

Hello Gysbert

Appreciate your quick reply.

Using Trellis reallly helped but still I am not able to acheive final output.

I am new to QlikView.

Like other BI Toools, does QlikView has functions that aggregates facts based on some scope, like using partition by clause in SQL.

If I have loaded data using a spreadsheet, then after loading can I write SQL on the data loaded, to convert data as per my requirements.

Please let me know if we have such functions in Qlikview.



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