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Create a theme with "Sheet objects Library"


Lately I created some corporate Themes for qlikview documents, sheets and sheet objects.

However, I would like to create a theme which would allow the user, by applying it on its document, to create a sheet called "Objects library" with some sheet objects already created with specific layout and position. Indeed, I have created a corporate sheet wallpaper that has some clearly defined areas for title, selection box and metrics.

Therefore, the idea would be to have a sheet with those kind of objects already prepared and that the user could just pick up:

- "KPI boxes" that you just fill in with and expression (text box)

- Current selection box at the right spot.

- Bookmark box

- Sheet title text box (Would display: "Fill in with sheet/dashboard title")

- etc.

This will ask the user to click just once on a QVT file to get all objects with right layout and at right place.

Note that those object do not need any data loaded in the model. For charts, I guess my request would be impossible as everyone works with its own data but feel free to tell me if you have an alternative.

Attached, you will find a picture to give you a better sense of the idea.

Best regards,


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