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Creating a graph

I have a pivot table in Qlikview that is based on a calculated expression :

The pivot table looks like this: 

1.5 - 20.980.530.
2 -
2.5 - 31.000.920.840.570.370.300.000.00
3 - 41.000.980.860.700.480.390.160.00
4 -
5 -
7.5 -

What I want is a graph that looks like the attached (Capture), which excel creates at the first attempt. Instead, I get a graph that looks ridiculous and isnt based on the values in the pivot table (see Capture2).

For a start, it places the Banding along the x-axis. Secondly, why is it in a straight line and not plotting the values in the table?

Any help over the weekend would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Creating a graph

try flipping the order of your dimensions...? Promote the one listed second to the top of the list

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Re: Creating a graph

Hi Katie,

Unfortunately I can't do this as the calc in the pivot table is based on reference to the column before:


1 - ((

count(TOTAL <[Payband]> ID)))

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