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Creating a pareto Chart

Hi All,

             Please can  anybody help me for making a Pareto chart??

             I have 4 dimensions along which a measure is being calculated. Then I have calculated the relative Percentage of this measure. Now I want to perform a cumulative sum of this Percentage and plot in a graph/ a straight table. The problem lies in calculating cumulative sum of relative %.

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Re: Creating a pareto Chart

It is easy to do now in QV11. Just use Dimension Limits in the chart properties.


Re: Creating a pareto Chart


Try using Pareto Select Action in "Actions" of Button properties.  Check attached file for solution.

If you are QV11 then you can do this by setting a property in Dimension limits tab of Chart properties.  Check attached screenshot.



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Re: Creating a pareto Chart

Thank you for the above solutions but they dont work for my problem. I will explain in detail. I have 4 dimensions then I calculate a measure which is the difference between dates i.e ans is no of days(Diff). Now this measure is further divided by standard no of days say it is called 'error'. Now i have to build a pareto chart of this data.

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