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Creating a prompt then reloading


I have a qlikview that will pull from a file that gets added to a folder each week. the file's name is something like 'filepath/.../date of upload'

Each week these files get added. I wanted to make a way to prompt the user the insert the date they are looking for and then reload the script.

It seems a macro is required for this and I was wondering if someone could help me out in writing it?

I've never used macros before.


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Re: Creating a prompt then reloading

You can use the input() function in the script to ask a user for a value, store that in a variable, then use the variable in your file path.

Input(str cue [, str caption])

This function can be used in the script only and opens an input box that prompts the user for a value during the script execution. The parameters cue and caption are used as message and caption texts, respectively. The function returns the entered value.

The input box function returns NULL if the dialog is cancelled, closed or cannot be shown.


Input('Enter value', 'Input box') as v,
Recno () as r
autogenerate 3;

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