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Creating advanced partial sums in a Pivot table

Hi there everybody..

So this time i need your scholar help with defining a calculated partial sum.

In the file attached there is a Pivot chart with the following details: A Key attribute, Meter(or miles for that matter), Total fuel cost per refueling and location.

What i need to do is create a calculation of the following kind:

1. Take the highest meter score for every key attribute and subtract it with the lowest one. that is in the form of a subtotal appeared in the table - per each Key attribute.

2. take the fuel cost for every key attribute, sum it (minus the last fuel - which will be determined by the highest meter score) and show it as a form of a subtotal appeared in the table.

3. Then after that, divide the sum of cost by the sum of meter to get the price per meter for every Key attribute. this is the main goal.

for your convenient, i have attached a ready QVW file with all the details and the XL origin file..

I have tried a few methods but without any luck.

thanks in advance!